Download Your Facebook Data for Free

You recently lost your Hard Drive and along with you all your snaps! Worst of all you haven't taken any backup for the same. So they are as good as lost, aren't they? The answer is NO! Not if you have posted them on Facebook.

Did you know that you can download a copy of all your Facebook data on your local Hard Drive, for FREE, without having to install any software. This data includes all your photos, videos, albums et al. Isn't it something!

Here's how you can download a copy of all your Facebook data:

Get Your Facebook Timeline, Now!

Facebook Timeline is the new offering from Zuckerberg stable where you get to look at everything that has ever happened in your Facebook lifespan. It’s like a story book of your life — or at least the online, documented parts. Why can't you see this on your Facebook page? Well, its not made public yet. But for the readers of tech'd, you can have a special invitation for Facebook Timeline waiting for you on your Facebook homepage. Want to know how? Here's what you need to do:

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Enable developer mode, if you haven’t done that already. To enable Developer mode, type "developer" (without the quotes) into the Facebook search box, click the first result (it should be an app made by Facebook with a few hundred thousand users), and add the app.

How to Enable Peek feature in Windows 7

So you have got Windows 7 installed on your computer/laptop and now you want to check out the eye-candy that it has to offer you. You have heard all about those Shake, Snap and Peeks from the stable on Windows 7 and now you wanna try them yourself. But hey, what happened, your system doesn't responds to the Peek feature! Is something broken? Has it not been enabled?

So with a heavy heart you head over to the Microsoft website to find a solution to your problem but guess what, even they don't show you how to enable Peek feature on your Windows 7 system. Surprised? Don't be, welcome to the world of Microsoft!

Easily Transfer Files Across Clouds

Do you happen to use cloud services like Google Docs, Dropbox a lot? Wouldn't it be great if you could maintain all your cloud services using a central app? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Otixo.

Otixo is an impressive web-app that lets you access files stored across different cloud service from a central location. To get started, you associate your Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3 and other online accounts with Otixo and then you can easily move or copy files between any of your accounts via simple drag-n-drop.

How to Create a Site Using WordPress (not a Blog)

One of the most used and most versatile blogging platform, WordPress can also be used to create a website and not just a blog!

Yes, its true that you can actually create a full-fledged website using WordPress. How? Here is a slideshow from Sara Rosso which will teach you how to do this amazing thing.

Integrate Google+ with Blogger

In fewer than 4 months since its launch, more than 40 million people have joined Google+, making it a living, breathing space for social connections and sharing to thrive.

So, earlier today, Google announced the integration of Google+ with Blogger! With this, you would be able to integrate your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile. In addition to giving your readers a more robust and familiar sense of who you are, your social connections will see your posts in their Google search results with an annotation that you've shared the post. Plus, bloggers who switch will automatically get access to the Google+ integrations the Google team be rolling out in the future.

Generate Your Own QR Codes

QR Codes gives us an interesting way of storing and exchanging text information inside images. These images might look like a total gibberish to the human eye but the information contained inside the image can be extracted instantly on the desktop or a mobile phone using free decoders.

Now you might say that "big deal! what did we have bar codes for?" But unlike the more popular bar codes, a QR Code can store data in both the vertical and horizontal directions and hence have more storage capacity per unit area. Moreover, the QR codes are readable from any direction and that data stored inside QR codes can be restored even if the corresponding image is partially damaged.

Since the QR codes are becoming a rage, why not get one for your website! Well, there are numerous online services which would let you generate your own QR codes, but here are a few which I found to be very reliable and with one of them you can even generate a colored QR code!